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* * A CAT'S TREE CHOOSING GUIDE: 1) Sniff the tree to see if it's friendly,2) Rub up against the tree to see if it's healthy - if it's shedding needles,move on. 3) Race around the tree and watch its reactions to your antics. If the tree sways in amusement, it's a good sign. 4) Stretch out on a branch to test the tree's strength.5) Claw your way up the trunk and try to balance on top. If the tree doesn't shake you off, bring it home - this tree's for you!

from eBay

ACEO Original watercolor Folk Art whimsy Stressie cat owl snow fall tree winter

ACEO Original Watercolor Folk Art Whimsy Stressie Cat Owl Snow Fall Tree Winter | eBay

Two Kittens Kissed Near A Christmas Tree And Holiday Spirit Came Into Our Hearts | Bored Panda