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This unique graphic features the flag of Quebec set inside of a circular metal frame. The Quebecois flag has the appearance of being under a piece of glass with a light reflection visible at the top of the design. The flag has a rough texture added which contrasts the smooth finish of the stainless steel frame. This circular flag pattern is a stylish way to show off your patriotism.

The shadows alone make this a work of craft and aft, then you added the glass. WOW! Apples And Mail by Gary Cody

Original Watercolor Landscape - Moonlight Reflection

Watercolor painting on thick watercolor paper at a forest....with a beautiful moon....I think I've said more than enough.

Lions Gate Bridge, Vancouver, Canada Canvas Print / Canvas Art by David Nunuk

Lion's Gate Bridge, Vancouver, Canada. I love taking the bikes on the Stanley Park Seawall and riding under this showcase bridge.

Montreal Casino - Montreal, Quebec