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    Great tips on raising lifelong learners - teaching kids to love learning throughout their lives! How do you encourage lifelong learning in your home?

    Teaching children to WANT to obey. Tips and ideas from the trenches, plus encouragement from God's Word.

    Pre-school learning tips

    How To Raise an Emotionally Intelligent Child | Positive Parenting Connection

    Raising kids who serve others is a lifestyle, not just a holiday activity. There are so many easy ways to model this behavior to our kids & be intentional.

    Teaching kids to obey through Games

    How are you teaching your children to "do good"? What is your advice to parents who want to raise generous children? Is it possible living in such a selfish world?

    Learning (and teaching) manners

    Experts advise you to slow down, so that you can help your child learn to choose from different options and let them know the value of patience.

    Are you tired of "because I said so"? Do you find yourself wishing that your children would actually WANT to obey? You're not alone. Teaching obedience isn't easy, but it is possible. You'll love the tools, tips, and encouragement that we can get from God's Word on this topic.

    Teaching children how to build their relationship with God at an early age. Tips for praying with the comments under the post too! great ideas

    Teaching toddlers consequences {Tips for parents}

    teaching kids empathy { Tips for how to get our kids to empathize with others}

    *MUST READ* Strategies for TEACHING kids to protect themselves emotionally and physically, for helping them to become active listeners, and to Stand UP for THEMSELVES against bullies and abuse! Hilarious analogy to SUPER POWERS! {One Time Through} #kids #bullying #parenting

    Teaching Your Children Independance

    Awesome parenting tips!! A huge collection of posts that address teaching kids morals and values, broken down by topics. Perfect for character training and just raising great kids.

    Have you ever lost your child in public? It can be terrifying for both you and your child.

    Moms Guide to teaching kids to share #preschool