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Admittedly not often attracted to gingers but this boy's beautiful: More Hard-Bodied "Red Hot" Gingers Join Photographer Thomas Knight's Campaign Against Stigma | Instinct

The world needs more thin boys with red hair,pale skin and delicate features. Definitely.

hot gay redheads - I'm just gonna leave this description here, because that's basically Otto. ahahaha

I totally fell for Eddie Redmayne's voice in Les Miserables, and he's a cutie.

Have a good day. Brock O'Hurn ~ long hair and beard style. This man is gorgeous. I think long hair suits him best.

from Zeke and Luther Wiki

Adam Hicks

Hello. I'm Nate Romanoff, Claire Barron's partner. My codename is The Black Widower. I'm single, and prefer it so. A significant other doesn't exactly mix with the kind of work I have. I'm more of a field agent, I'm used to charming powerful women.

In 1995, Professor Jonathan Reese discovered that mutations of the gene MC1R on chromosome 16 were responsible for red hair (known as the “ginger gene”). The gene mutation responsible for red hair in humans probably arose 20,000-40,000 years ago

"Ginger. if I can't have A guy like Harry Styles, I want to have a Ginger hubby ;D" Must have that scruffy man!

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Jeff Goldblum photographed by Michael Schwartz for Icon El País.