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    • Niamh Meagher

      It's a DAM Percy Jackson thing. You wouldn't understand. || Percy Jackson and the Olympians || Heroes of Olympus || Books || Series || Dam Jokes || Quotes || Fangirl || Fandom || Feels || Funny

    • Kirk Family

      This joke will live on forever. It will always be a Percy Jackson thing. "Where is the dam snack bar?"

    • Beks Hine

      It's a dam percy Jackson thing, you really wouldn't understand

    • Amynta Jones

      Only other percy Jackson fandom members will understand....

    • Annemarie Swag

      hahaha its a DAM percy jackson thing you wouldnt understand

    • Annabeth Chase

      It's a dam Percy Jackson thing, just for us demigods

    • Natalie

      only the percy jackson fandom would know...

    • Anna Marinov

      Where's the dam bathroom? #PercyJackson

    • Abbie Rose

      It's a (water) dam Percy Jackson thing.

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    So dang accurate! And that is one of the reasons why Leo is AWESOME!! If you have no idea what I am talking about, go read both the Percy Jackson and the Olympian books (if you haven't already) and Heros of Olympus books. Can't wait until House of Hades comes out in October.

    Percy Jackson

    "Yeah." Percy smiled. "We've got a dam hole"- "What?" Piper asked.- "Nothing" He said. "Inside joke"

    If somebody tells me they're into Percy Jackson, I have to make sure they're NOT TALKING ABOUT THE MOVIES!!!


    Talk:Camp Necklace - Camp Half-Blood Wiki - Percy Jackson, The Heroes of Olympus, Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Sea of Monsters movie, books, series

    Haha! Repinning this because I ♥ Percy Jackson and the person who asked the questions's user name. :)

    Percy Jackson to Rachel Elizabeth Dare. No no no no no no it was always Percabeth and it will always be Percabeth no questions asked.

    LET'S TALK: PERCY JACKSON! this girl is hilarious and funny i stand by every word she says. she says excatlly what im thinking!

    Those Dam Percy Jackson Jokes

    The Last Olympian Camp Pesasus Zeus Half-blood Percy Jackson Necklace New Gift KCA@Shop

    PERCY JACKSON Minimalist Trio <<< I OWN THIS

    25. Percy Jackson, The Mortal Instruments, Divergente, The Hunger Games, & Harry Potter

    Percy Jackson taught me that I can be more obsessed than anyone thought possible.

    PJO Fandom!

    Fangirls, PJO style. Why is this so funny??

    Whenever I wear my Camp Half-Blood tee... everybody asks 'whats that?!' And I'm just like- 'Mortals.... ' :D

    It doesn't even have to be Percy Jackson. I'm like that for all my fandoms.

    Percy Jackson