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Sometimes I have doubts about this fandom. This is not one of those times.

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The lightning thief. I hadn't realized just how many times I've read this book until I knew exactly where these lines where found and what comes afterwards, almost word for word.

Meet Annabeth! Listen~ I don't care if you don't what I like. Just PLEASE keep it to yourself. Everyone is entitled to their opinion but it doesn't mean you have to be rude to someone else. ⭐️ ThankYou

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what if zack and cody were secretly the stoll brothers? and luke was trying to recruit them that would really be omg

Percy Jackson Inspired Hunter of Artemis by DauntlessTrader, $10.00

Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase More love than Twilight could ever achieve>> mortals.... THIS IS POSIDEON AND ATHENA

  • Annabeth Chase

    This made my day to. I know another weird ship. Percico. Percy and Nico.

  • Julie Barclay

    Wow!!!!! I love this fandom!!!! And my mom would NEVER I repeat NEVER even think about touching Poseidon

  • Emily McHugh

    Athena and Poseidon hate each other

  • Annabeth Chase

    Yeah you learn that in like chapter 12 of the lighting thief. They are never ever going to be friends!

  • Emily McHugh

    Or in a picture together smiling

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Instant Download Percy Jackson 2 inch party by Proverb31Creation, $2.00

Seriously. The movies suck and the books are freaking awesome. www.janetcampbell...

  • Jhon

    Someone suggest me some awesome book series/single books like Percy Jackson

  • Allie Spragg

    ... Like Percy Jackson?.............. what do you mean single books?........... Ithink I like the Maze Runner just as much as Percy Jackson. When I read PJO and HoO I read them as fast as I could cause I wanted more. When I read Harry Potter, THe Hunger Games, and Divergent I took my time. When I read the Fault in our stars... well, I finished it in a day....... when I read the Maze Runner... I'm on the third book and I stated like two weeks ago... a book a week.

  • Helena D

    That bookmark totally WRONG.

  • Helena D

    I forgot the "is"

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Blue food! In other words, eat all of this to truly feel like Percy Jackson!

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Demigod/Percy Jackson Inspired/Greek God/ by TionneStrife on Etsy, $5.99