• Laura Michelle

    True story. finished the second series of Doctor Who (with Clearplay filtering). My otp is dead. I sobbed for like half an hour afterward, and I only stopped so I wouldn't be all red-eyed. It still hurts though.

  • victoria ybarra

    #OTP #johnlock #sherlock #fandom #shipping OTP= One True Pairing

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Johnlock has been here before the flipping titanic so it will survive! STOP BLOWING HOLES INTO MY SHIP!!!!!

Or look somewhere else bc you feel the embarrassment or sadness or any other feeling of the character

Sorry Mary. Sherlock called dibs a long time ago.<--- he called dibs! well u gotta honor the bro code

OTP. This is so true<----is it wrong I have like 5?

I ship them WAY to hard lol yah nope actually I can't haha

To the select few who actually know what "shipping" means. In this context.

To the tune of "mine" by Taylor Swift.... "Do you remember all the fireworks on the water? I saw you start to believe, for the first time. I fell in love with a careless mans careful daughter. She is the best thing that's ever been mine". Sings Percy to Annabeth ♥

Percabeth and Tartarus. I love it ♥ I ship it ♥