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  • SuperWhoLock221B

    True story. Just finished the second series of Doctor Who (with Clearplay filtering). My otp is dead. I sobbed for like half an hour afterward, and I only stopped so I wouldn't be all red-eyed at church tonight. It still hurts though.<<< OMG I feel so bad for you, it happens a lot though, you have to be careful in the works out there full of sinking ships. One might just end up to be an iceberg.

  • Sophia Baptiste

    #OTP #sherlolly # JOHNLOCK #sherlock #fandom #shipping OTP= One True Pairing

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Johnlock has been here before the flipping titanic so it will survive! STOP BLOWING HOLES INTO MY SHIP!!!!!

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THEY HAD TO FALL IN TARTARUS<--We all know what fandom that is.

Honestly, I don't ship. Too much drama and anachronism. But this! This is too good.

I'm not only laughing at the truth of this, but also at the fact that someone was on the phone when they took a screenshot of this.

So like seriously, Alex & Jenna is gonna happen. That's like my biggest fucking ship's's gonna happen!! I mean look at his Insta, they're odvi halfway in love!♥ xD

Did this when reading all of the Heroes Of Olympus books, and my parents thought I had completely lost it.

Kinda true. In hunger games, the love was like, RIGHT AWAY. Percy and annabeth DEVELOPPED their love

  • emma rae

    Here's my opinion. THG is a different scenario. Katniss and Peeta were 16 ish and that's when some people start dating. Also Katniss (SPOILERS) didn't love Peeta back until the second book. Twilight is def a love story no argument. I think that in Divergent Tris and Tobias did move VERY quickly but keep in mind Tobias is pretty old. In PJO they were 12 so they were young to actually be bf and gf. When they were old enough they were dating though. It's mostly about age over all.

  • I Forget Who I Am

    I agree that the real plot isn't the live triangle definitely, but it's still in there, just not the entire plot like the media cracks it up to be. One of the reasons I love Divergent is because there is no love triangle. It's the same guy through the entire series. They might've gone a little fast, but it's Tobias for peesh sakes, who wouldn't?

  • Trinity Holmes

    I really agree with you, Jenna Becker, except for the Twilight part. I've read the books and its a lot about love and sacrifice, but is still def a love story

  • Noelle Ropp

    Same in Harry Potter cause harry and Ginny developed their love so did Ron and hermione

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I never really shipped them because their hookup was so sudden and so corny, and they didnt work out for shit... But I DID ship their friendship. And I find it kinda sad that they dont really talk much anymore : (

It's stuff like this that makes my heart hurt a bit for Nico.

♥ I love how they still have the gray streak in their hair, a milestone moment. ♥

OTP. This is so true<----is it wrong I have like 5?

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OHMYGOSH!! This killed me. I just... I can't even! I've lost the ability to even!