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Antibiotics are important tools in ensuring animal health and well being. They can be used for treatment and disease prevention. If an animal gets sick, an antibiotic may be prescribed to treat the sickness and help the animal get well. Without antibiotics the animal may not get well and spread disease to others. For more information about antibiotics in animal agriculture visit: http://buzz.mw/babdy_n

Learn more about this topic through the Animal Health Institute! http://www.ahi.org/issues-advocacy/animal-antibiotics/

Egg & Laying Issues, Health and Common Diseases

Why do dairy farmers use calf hutches? Farmers make it a top priority to get their animals off to a healthy start. For dairy calves, farmers bottle feed the calves to make sure they receive good nutrition and use clean, dry individual pens to ensure the dairy calves receive the best care and protection germs and bad weather. To read more, visit: http://buzz.mw/b1i8n_n

Why do sheep need to be shorn? If sheep were not shorn regularly, they would suffer from excessive wool growth. Their movement would become impaired, they may become overheated, and they would be more susceptible to disease. Shearing sheep is essential to good animal welfare! For more information, visit http://www.sheepusa.org/ResearchEducation_FastFacts

What do chickens eat? Chickens have access to food and water all day, every day. Chicken feed is primarily a mix of corn and soybean meal that is properly formulated by certified animal nutritionists, to ensure that each bird gets the right nutrients, at the right time. For more information about how chickens are raised, visit http://www.chickencheck.in/

A Farmer's Tools for Healthy Animals and Safe Food

Why are science and research important to farm animal welfare? Industry animal care programs, guidelines and standards are based on scientific research and are continuously evolving as new research is completed. For more information about industry programs visit: http://buzz.mw/banmu_n ‪#‎WhyWednesday‬

Why do cattle wear ear tags? Ear tags help farmers and ranchers keep track of their cattle. The ear tags can also record important information such as the animals' body temperature, health and medication history. For dairy cows, the ear tag can even keep track of the quality and amount of milk each cow gives. For more information about ear tags, visit http://buzz.mw/basts_n

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