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Twoseconds to spot are two seconds too late. The support centers union for victims of sexual assault in Israel.

Antiracism poster by Aggelos Ntinas


Vincent Vermeij – Superhero Pops Más trabajos:

Great positive negative space example ongles rouges plus longs sil vous plaît!

Kama Sutra

From up North

Batman Watercolor Art


Batman y Superman: La evolución de sus logos y trajes | Cómics

Negative space.

Batman (Super Hero Minimalist Poster) | By: Michael Turner, via Behance

Ok i'm not saying that i'm Batman, But do you ever see him and I in the same room at the same time? NO! Of course i'm Batman. :D

Simplistic Illustrations Of Negative Space -

The Hanging City - Tang Yau Hoong