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Possiamo reinventare la nostra vita rendendola avventurosa. Il Drago della Fortuna ci ricorda tutte le coincidenze straordinarie e le possibilità che fanno di ogni giorno un regalo.

Trollbeads: Lucky Dragon Bead - The designer says: I believe we can form our life to be more adventurous. The Lucky Dragon is to remind us of the extraordinary coincidences and possibilities, that makes every day a gift.

The Midgard Serpent Bead - trollbeads.com

The Midgard Serpent from Norse mythology was fathered by the trickster god Loki. It lies in the Great Ocean and is so big that it encircles all of Midgard, biting its own tail.

trollbeadsakron.com - Seals, $46.00 (http://trollbeadsakron.com/seals/)


Trollbeads World Tour Big World

The Trollbeads World Tour beads are country specific releases. We are stocking all country beads, including the much wanted Trollbeads World Tour South Africa beads.

ROMOLE e REMO - Questo beads ci ricorda la leggenda della fondazione di Roma che, secondo la mitologia romana, Romolo e Remo furono i fondatori di Roma. Un tributo alla storia ed alla capitale italiana.  € 42,00

Italy World Tour, Romulus and Remus

OCEAN: The longing for the ocean, its roaring waves and countless beaches are all put into this bead that smells like saltwater and summer

Longing for the ocean with its roaring waves and countless beaches has been infused into this bead, making it smell like saltwater and summer.

Cobra Bead

Three cobras rising in a protective stance, protecting you and your bracelet - just as they were believed to do in ancient Egypt, where they guarded the life of gods and would spew fire at anyone approaching without consent.

Spirit of Freedom Bead - trollbeads.com

This Spirit of Freedom bead inspires you to fulfill your dreams and hold on to the child inside of you. Inspired by the classic Peter Pan story.

Seahorses - trollbeads.com

Trollbeads Seahorses Bead Silver Bead 11171 - Charms from Joshua James UK

Sleeping Bat Bead. Order now at http://www.greatlakesboutique.com/index.html

Trollbeads Sleeping Bat Bead PRE-ORDER - Sleeping with his head down, always ready to take off.