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I got one of these for Christmas one year and I loved it. late one night I was taping and I heard llllliiiiinnnndddddaaaaa (linda) very softly

-- Look out to the water, what do you see. Blue water, soft ripples? Look harder. First you see the lightest blue, then the darkest. Somedays you will see grey. Why is this? Its your feelings. No matter how you feel, nature will always reflect you!

Rick Genest x LHP Rick Genest x LHP Harajuku by tokyofashion on Flickr

Those moments in the morning when your dog gives you this look

BornToBeFree However aHumans HathKIlled AllaTrees CageTigers andLillys FarmChildren and Call It WorkingPlants . MyFriends .. We The EarthsOfUS Must Confess EnoughtFuss.! TheHUNGER IsREAL..

O lavrador que trabalha deve ser o primeiro a gozar dos frutos. Considera o que digo, e o Senhor te dê entendimento em tudo. 2 Timóteo 2:6,7

I love that our pets make us laugh and bring such joy! Do you take your pets camping?

You are unique. You are just-right as you are. No one else is quite like you and that's exactly how it's meant to be. Appreciate the differences, accept yourself, and then go out and share the best of whatever it is that you have to offer. #SoulSpark