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    4 seasons WINTER Snowflakes or snow crystals form when ice crystals freeze around tiny particles of dust that are in the air, and join together as they fall. Ice crystals that melt as they fall become rain. Ice crystals that form near the ground are called frost.

    Ice Crystals- so beautiful, this happened on the family car and it looks like paisley or William Morris patterns

    Ice Crystal

    Frost, kissing the leaves.

    It's feeling decidedly wintry. #seasons #winter #cold #snow #awesomeview #landscape #mountains #lakes #nature #photography #outdoors

    Snow Crystals

    Winter Wonderland | Winter and its beauty

    snow & ice

    Snow Lake, Stevens Point, Wisconsin. I love walking across a frozen lake in fresh snow!

    Rain drops Rosada2 *** By Lilian G & G

    Macro Photography

    * . .* : *. .: * : .*. :* . : *. *SNOW . : *. : * : . . * .: * . . * : . * Once you get over the fact that your FREEZING, ya snow is Beautiful and pretty Wonderful

    Snowflakes form in a wide variety of intricate shapes, leading to the popular expression that "no two are alike". Although statistically possible, it is very unlikely for any two snowflakes to appear exactly alike due to the many changes in temperature and humidity the crystal experiences during its fall to earth. // macro shot by Katsumi Oyamada

    Winter Snow and Frost Flakes

    Snowy sunburst

    Winter storm | berry icicles | { for #plukka pin-up challenge }

    Snowflakes look so weird up's fascinating...pic by Eisblumen

    Glacier Stream On Karakoram Mountains, Pakistan

    Snowflake ice crystal. So much for all snow flakes having six points. This one has 12.