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  • Dena 1949


  • Dena 1949
    • 2 years ago

    Let's test the power of Facebook. This man has been wanted for over a decade for a heinous crime. He was on a short segment of America's Most Wanted with no tips. Please repost or share as your status to see if we can't find him. In January 2001 an eleven-year-old girl finally told her mother the truth. Despite being threatened, she confessed to her mom that over the past eight months she had been repeatedly sexually assualted. Her mother had started to notice a change in the little girl's attitude and behavior. When she questioned the young girl, her worst nightmare came to life. It turned out that her daughter had been raped and forced to perform oral sex for months. The police came while the mother and her little girl were at the hospital. As soon as they had all the facts, police went on a search for David Lee Skelly, the accused rapist.

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