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Winged Tiger - An early name for the Great Horned Owl was the Winged Tiger and I love that name for this really cool owl. This image was taken during a free flight demonstartion.

Which Animal Do You Transform Into?

What makes this a good design? It's very realistic. What makes it a bad design? I really like it. What would I have done differently? I would have done it in color.

Whenever I have a sponsored child who's interested in drawing, I send them some of the wonderful pages from this site: how to draw horses, tigers, dragons, birds. Very cool!

Funny Animal Pictures Of The Day – 23 Pics

Scarlet Minivet This striking bird is a female Scarlet minivet, scientifically named Pericrocotus flammeus (Passeriformes - Campephagidae). Minivets are conspicuous and mostly intensely colourful birds inhabiting wooded environments in tropical and subtropical South and Southeast Asia and temperate East Asia. This species has geographical variation complex and inadequately described, with many intermediate populations in SE Asia. Typically males of the Scarlet minivet are scarlet to orange…