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River Song. Ok so I didn't like Rivers story arc as much as most other people. I feel like I would have liked her better if they had waited and she was more during Capaldi's time. And then her line of "he's so young" would have fit better if she had met 11 in the library. I just wish 11 and Clara had more time together I guess. 11 & Clara. 12 & River. My thoughts.

El gabinete del doctor Caligari (en alemán, Das Cabinet des Dr. Caligari) es una película muda de terror estrenada en 1920, dirigida por Robert Wiene y escrita por Hans Janowitz y Carl Mayer.

7 Creepy Vintage Medical Curiosities to Scare You Out of Getting Sick Again, Ever

Valentino Rossi comes 2nd in the opening race of the season at quatar 2014 I think he is saying so close after he was only 0.2secs behind race winner marc marquez