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Teachers: Making Difficult Phone Calls to Parents (How to Call Parents, with a Script!)

As teachers looking for positive ways to communicate with parents, it is important to know the correct phone-call etiquette when it comes to calling parents. This guide is a great way on learning how to communicate with parents via phone call.

As a middle grade/middle school teacher, parents typically want ideas for how to help their struggling readers. That's tricky, because I just want to say, "Read! Read! Read!" But I know they might need more direction. I made this hand-out and posted it, along with book recommendation lists, as a FREEBIE in my store for you to use too! Link in profile.

I love teaching science to multiple elementary classes (sort of like a middle school teacher) but there are some classroom management challenges too! Here are 6 teacher tips for managing multiple classes. #2 might be the best one!

3 Tips for Creating Positive Parent-Teacher Relationships

Teachers, are you looking for ways to build trusting relationships with your student's parents? This post shares 3 tips and suggestions on how you can help create positive, meaningful relationships outside of your classroom. A FREE tool is included!

Here are a few questions middle and high school students ask themselves during the close reading process.

Teacher Resources

I.C.E. — Introduce, Cite, Explain. An acronym for teaching your students how to properly incorporate citations into their writing. Perfect for English teachers at the middle school or high school level. Print out the poster and hang it up in your room!

Argument and Debate Mini Unit Topic Cards, Outline, Notes

Argumentative and Debate Topic Cards with Teacher's Guidelines and Instructions, Student Handouts, and Grading Rubrics (Aligned with the Common Core State Standards)

Annotation for Smarties – 5 Tips for Teaching Students Active Reading and Critical Thinking - AP LIT HELP