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Greek Sculpture: Sounion Kouros (c.600) National Archeological Museum of Athens

Posidon Statue, National Archaeological Museum of Athens

Cycladic Art Museum / Home Page

This amazing shot captures vibrant Autumn colors and the beautiful architecture of the National Museum in Wrocław. It has been established in 1947 and holds one of the largest collections of contemporary art in Poland.

Vase in the shape of an animal, a little bear or a hedgehog, holding a bowl. Chalandriani, Syros. Early Cycladic II period, Keros-Syros Culture (2800-2300 BC).

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Cycladic Sculpture

A marble figurine from the Cycladic islands, 2800-2300 BCE, depicting a flute or aulos player. It is one of the earliest representations of a musician in sculpture from the Bronze Age Aegean. (National Archaeological Museum, Athens).

Male hunter-warrior Cycladic figurine created between 2300-2200 BC. Only five percent of the existing figures are male. There is no consensus regarding the role they played in Cycladic life. Theories include that the sculptures are representations of deities, are fertility symbols, or were used as part of funerary customs. Much of their appeal, due to their simplistic design and smooth, featureless abstraction, belies the fact that originally the angular marbles were painted in bright…

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Ceramic evil eye sculpture table art blue eye ceramic

Ceramic evil eye sculpture table art made in Greece Dimensions: 17cm x 7,5cm x 8cm Handmade unique piece made in our small and family studio using traditional processes and committed to the environmen

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