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If there's an ounce of excitement...jump

So I recently was at freshii and the little sweet gal ringing me up asked me if I wanted to try their Energii bites. She raved about how amazing they were, so

Mosquitoes Suck

Jungkook - his "man potential" is staggering.. he's only 19, seems very young and innocent but yet... it's a good thing I'm not actually anywhere near him.. my noona eyes couldn't help sliding down to that damn neck and then they'd glaze over.... probably bite my lip a bit.. .... *Meanwhile everyone else in the meeting is staring at me*

There two types of petting Harry: let me just put my hand on this carnivores birds nose Newt: aww so cute let me pet you in a area where you can't bite my hand off

Ranch Cauliflower Bites

You won't be able to stop eating these low-carb Bacon Ranch Cauliflower Bites—they're addictive! Get the recipe on

(Open,be him?) I bite my lip as I walk towards the police station where my dad worked,I make a soft noise as I get pulled into an alleyway and come face to face with a man that has ginger hair and a huge scar with stitches across his face "Well well,if it isn't the detectives daughter." He says with a smirk and I shiver "What do you want from me?" I ask in a soft tone

Ranch Pretzel Bites

Ranch Pretzel Bites recipe from The Country Cook. So ridiculously easy and addictive! Everyone asks me for this recipe when I bring it to parties!

The only time a "white man's overbite" was considered acceptable -mv