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  • dwayne lobay

    Just Rottweiler Puppies Wall Calendar: What’s black and brown and cute all over? Rottweiler puppies, of course! Twelve cheerful, full-color photographs typify all the roly-poly sweetness of these little guys and gals. $13.99

  • Jaqueline Crossley

    Rottweiler Puppies 2013 Wall Calendar ---

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Rottweiler-- cutest puppies ever..:) good looking dogs too... i want one so bad... another

LOVE Rotties!!! I used to breed them....they are magnificent animals! I don't breed anymore but I hope to always have a Rottie in my life

Green eyed Rottweiler puppy. What a sweetie. All my Rotties have been rescues so I have never had a puppy - I will collect all the puppy shots here - there might me one in here that is one of my boys as a baby!!!

Rottweilers are so beautiful! Mine was the sweetest dog I ever knew. Miss you, Bowzer! ♥

It's not the breed of the dog that makes it mean. It's all on how you train them!

JUST WANTING TO LOVE YOU & BE LOVED... Free tips to train your Rottweiler

Heart melting puppy Free tips to train your Rottweiler

I love Rotties on an indescribable level. Such loving, loyal, sweet dogs. Working hard to change the perception of this breed. One person CAN make a difference.