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¿Cuáles han sido tus logros en 2013? #coaching

¿Cuáles han sido tus logros en 2013? #coaching

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8 Moves to Banish Back Fat

Here’s a memo to your back – you are allowed to be strong and sculpted. You are allowed to carry things like backpacks and children and look killer in backless dresses. You are NOT allowed to accum…

"Non sei di queste parti tu - disse la volpe  - che cosa cerchi ?"  "Cerco gli uomini", disse il piccolo principe. "Che cosa vuol dire "addomesticare"? "  "Gli uomini - disse la volpe - hanno dei fucili e cacciano. è molto noioso! Allevano anche delle galline. è il loro solo interesse.Tu cerchi delle galline?"   " No - disse il piccolo principe - Cerco degli amici. Che cosa vuol dire "addomesticare" ?"  " è una cosa da molto dimenticata. vuol dire "creare dei legami"..."

for childrens but incredible Coach for adults!

There will be always another opportunity, another friendship, another love, a new force. For every ending there is a new starting.

coronation, 1953.

The Coronation This was likely to be one of the last occasions upon which footmen powdered their hair. Truth to tell short hair plastered flat to the head and covered in flour (a retired Royal footman recorded this technique) was not a great look.

How to Get Your 2-3 Month Old Baby On a Schedule ~ Incredible Infant

Done wrong, baby sleep training takes those hopes of a restful tomorrow & dashes them against the Cliffs of Crankiness. Here are the mistakes to avoid.

Oh my gosh this is the ultimate little girls room!  I want to sleep in Cinderella's coach!

Every little girls dream room.this was my dream room for my little girl when she was a toddler.

This is Valorie. She is 13. She is a Tomboy and a cowgirl. She does not care about her weight or her looks. She loves basketball and hates cheese.

Jc Little sister - The O2L Story

This is Catherine, but she goes by Cat. She is 15 and loves sports. She plays softball, basketball, and runs track.