Kasie is also a breaker/hip hop dancer along with ballet, jazz, lyrical and such dancing styles.

tori // senior model 2014, hip-hop dance photos // midland texas portrait photographer // modern senior portraiture //

I used to enjoy doing hand stands when i was younger and i liked this pic .Its says youth and freedom to me!

Mislabeled: This is showing up under vintage black and white and I wouldn't have noticed but there was a comment that said this was Katy Perry. They are correct it is Katy Perry from her Thinking Of You video.

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Amazing Dance Photography

I'm a dancer. I love everything about dancing, the escape from the outside world and the ability to let the music control your every movement. Dance is my escape and means the world to me.

children full of joy

I wish I could go back to Africa and see the children dance again. Just the site of the children dancing warms your heart :)

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I can practicly listen to anything but hip hop is just something else. It's one thing on listing to it but dancing to it? I love hip hop dancing and that's a passion I have for this type of music

Geraldine Lamanna - Powder Dance photographs - dancers covered in powder, and the result in a still frame.  Beautiful!

The Beauty and Power of Dance Captured in Photos Using Powder

Inspired by Adele's hit single Rolling in the deep , German photographer Geraldine Lamanna has created a beautiful Powder Dance series.