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  • Simmie Annandale

    Summer flowers - ©2010 DianaLee Photo Designs (I have this fence & will plant this color scheme against it! - SA)

  • Kathryn A

    wildflowers growing around an old wood fence

  • Sheena Noce

    glorious colors. would be great to build a cedar rail fence along the fence row we cleared and plant wild flowers!

  • Kaite West

    Wooden fence with wildflowers

  • Cheryl Northedge

    Old wood fence with orange flowers

  • Jessica Wulf

    ...I would love orange poppys in my garden poppy wildflower orange flowers

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❂ The field flower replied: you fool! Do you imagine I blossom in order to be seen? I blossom for my own sake because it pleases me, and not for the sake of others. My joy and my pleasure consist in my being and my blossoming. I Arthur Schopenhauer (Parerga and Paralipomena)

Pretty wild flowers.... "Winter cosmos (Biden)" by snowshoe hare* on Flickr

Thing number 50: Pick wildflowers for someone (which is particularly hard because I live in a desert)

Một người luôn nhìn thấy và hâm mộ hạnh phúc của người khác. Bất chợt khi ngoảnh đầu lại, lại phát hiện thì ra mình cũng đang được người khác ngưỡng mộ. Thật ra, mỗi người đều có hạnh phúc của chính mình. Chỉ có điều, hạnh phúc của bản thân thường nằm trong mắt người khác.

While these are Arizona wildflowers (not suited to my MidWestern zone 6 garden), the intense contrast of oranges and blues are wonderful in a full-sun garden. I'll incorporate these shades in this year's front-yard kitchen garden.

cant wait to plant poppies for my mamal when we move.. it is my best memory of her house her whole front yard looked like this

Beautiful black and white pins today! Now let's add a little color. We will do meadows and fields for tonight and tomorrow.

Cosmos - Annual sun lovers. Will reseed under right conditions.

On the side hill in full sun - plant poppies and knockout roses.

wild and delicate. basically picture perfect. Love that they are placed in a tea pot.