The double french

Braided Braids

Fishtail braid bun! Must find the source for this baby. Could be great for the wedding!

I forget what this is called but you pull all your hair to the side and only grab from the very outside and bottom strands and keep the hair inside and just do a regular french braid down. Then just leave desired amount of hair out. Supposed to be moderately loose and not pulled tight until you get to the bottom.

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French to pony


wanna learn how to do this..

Perfect hair tutorials for ladies

Braids...three ponies, braid, then twist into bun and pin.

Need to learn how to do this!


Waterfall french braid (video how-to)

This is a fun look

Okay,, considering i ALWAYS wear my hair in a braid(: It's perfect!(: *french braid side pony with curls*

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Feather Waterfall & Ladder Braid Combo | Cute 2-in-1 Hairstyles

Super pretty & decently easy up-do! I almost wish I had an occasion to do my hair like so