knot looks like a volleyball!

Summary: If you are interested in Chinese knots, this knot ball would be definitely a attraction to you. It is basically a finger weaving method. And your left thumb and little finger along with right hands play a significant role in tying knots below. Le

Broomstick lace but the thing they use looks like a nail file... Hmm maybe I could make broomstick lace without buying an actual tool for it :)

I want to try this, although this may be above my level of macramé talent.

DIY: Celtic Heart Knot Necklace. I thought as an activity everyone could make knotted necklaces or bracelets.

love this bow tutorial!

Knot photo tutorial

how to make headbands - make rope knot headband

Volleyball Necklace Repin & Like Plz. Listen to #NoelitoFlow #Noel

Monkey Fist

Picture Tutorial of how to needle felt a sleeping dog.

Flower diy earrings

DIY knot volleyballs

Tie the Knot <3

knot bracelet

3D Paper Hearts

Decorate Your Home with This Gorgeous Monkey’s Fist Knot. Find out how to tie your own watching our video:

Benming evil red bracelet.

That is My Mom Love you mom and so does the whole team