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Los 'intocables', una casta discriminada que Japón trata de ocultar

January 1939. An evicted sharecropper among his possessions in New Madrid County, Missouri. Photo: Arthur Rothstein.

Who do YOU have more RESPECT for....Al Sharpton or Al Capone?...I've gotta go with Capone. At least he up front about himself. He didn't slither in the dark.

Of India’s 1 billion people, 160 million are untouchables, or ‘Dalits’(‘broken people’) who are at the bottom of the Hindu caste system of segregation; light-skinned Brahmins at the top. In between are a myriad of castes and sub-castes. Untouchables, India’s poorest people, are forced to perform society’s most menial,degrading tasks.

Untouchables: Dirty cops, bent justice and racism in Scotland Yard (£1.09 UK), by Michael Gillard [Bloomsbury Reader], is the Kindle Non-Fic...