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This is whom we saw at Hyde Park Academy on Friday afternoon: Mothers and fathers, teachers and social workers, police officers and ministers, politicians and community leaders, doctors and business owners, affordable-housing specialists and public school principals, psychologists and coaches and many smiling young people.

20 Delicious Italian Recipes

Blooming Onion and Dipping Sauce

Blooming Onion and Dipping Sauce February 1, 2016 This is such an incredible appetizer. The flavor of the battered onion combined with the sauce makes for one addictive and unforgettable recipe! The Blooming Onion is one of my favorite appetizers to order from Outback Steakhouse and Texas Roadhouse. Combine it with the dipping sauce and you have a flavor explosion that is just delicious and…

As the clock ticks against a March 31 school closing deadline, parents of special education students in Chicago Public Schools made an impassioned plea to CPS chief Barbara Byrd-Bennett to spare schools on her list with high populations of special education students. Parents said the

Analyzing the effects of shutting Red Line for 5 months on South Side Some say better service, jobs await at end of bumpy road.

Hearing officers appointed to review Chicago Public Schools’ plan to close underutilized schools across the city are opposing 14 of the slated school closures at the end of this school year, according to reports released by the district early Tuesday.

An ordinance to establish a $15 minimum wage in Chicago was introduced in City Council Wednesday, May 28. The ordinance, sponsored by Ald. Roderick Sawyer, Ald. John Arena and Ald. Joe Moreno, would allow a one-year “phase-in” period for large corporations with profits of $50 million a year or more. Small and mid-sized businesses will have about five years to increase their wages to $15 an hour.

CHICAGO — More than a dozen representatives, including city aldermen and Illinois Senate and House members of the Black and Latino caucuses, on Monday called for a one-year moratorium on a plan to close dozens of Chicago Public Schools. Read more: