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Cute apple measuring activity....great for centers!

Apple activities for the classroom along with freebies that are purely apple-licious! You'll find cute Johnny Appleseed, science, crafts, poems and printables to complete your apple theme lesson plans.

how did the star get in the apple story

Cut in half for star apple snacks! The Story of the Apple Star ~ really cute story which explains why you see a secret, hidden star when you slice an apple in half sideways.

Given a pencil, students will be able trace the lines from the apple to the pie. Given a red crayon, students will be able to color the apple red when finished tracing.

Apple Tasting Activity & Printable

Apple Tasting in Preschool & Printable

Apple Tasting activity for preschoolers. Includes a printable page to go along with the nutrition lesson. Perfect for a preschool fall apple theme!

After reading Seuss's Apples Up On Top, have students create their name apples on top of their first day photo.  If you use 3 different colors you can teach an ABCABC pattern, as well as that science fact.  There's also a graphing extension for how many letters students have in their name.  FREE templates.

Apple activities: Apple crafts: The "Apples Up on Top" Name Activity involves math, reading, science and writing, plus completed projects make an adorable back-to-school bulletin board!