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  • Abby Christman

    no fuss paper flowers

  • Kitty Catty/Arty Kitty (Kitty's Pretties)

    No-fuss paper doily roses from Paper Plate and Plane.

  • Amy Kinney

    No fuss paper roses: cut a paper doily from one edge to the middle, then roll up (there's diagram and directions on the page)

  • Tina Guillory

    no-fuss paper roses I promise these are the easiest paper roses you’ll ever make! I promise these are the easiest paper roses you’ll ever make! The ornamental design of paper doilies is what makes these roses so naturally exquisite. Because the beauty is intrinsic in the material, these paper doily roses require little fuss to look beautiful. 1. Take an 8″ red paper doily and cut a straight line to the center. 2. Roll the doily, making sure the wrong side faces up. 3. Twist the end. 4. You may use floral tape to create a stem, but I used what I found at home — green painter’s tape. 5. Optional: you can cover the stem with ribbon for a more polished look. There you have it — a paper rose in seconds! These paper doily roses are not only simple to make, they are also very inexpensive. I managed to pick up half a dozen red paper doilies for $1 at the dollar store. A bouquet of these is certainly a stunning substitute for bows when wrapping gifts, but, with the help of some glue and magnets, I also fancy having a beautiful collection of paper roses on my fridge! Advertisement GA_googleAddAttr("AdOpt", "1"); GA_googleAddAttr("Origin", "other"); GA_googleAddAttr("theme_bg

  • Danielle Fells

    no fuss paper roses - made from doilies. Good idea for Valentine's Day or any occasion that flowers brighten up the day!

  • Celane Smith

    great for mother's day