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Alabama:Large spikes of white blooms in April and May rise above large green oak-shaped leaves. In summer, these blossoms turn a deep rose color and persist into the winter. The leaves turn red in the fall and the peeling bark of the stems and branches add to its attractive appearance.

Hydrangea jaime et jolie hydrageas,,,differente,,,,,,,,**+

There's no place like my garden...there's no place like my garden for this Ruby Slippers Oakleaf Hydrangea :-)

Hydrangeas & Coffee Grounds, I put some coffee grounds around my hydrangea bush and they have started turning purple. Love it!

Radiant Orchid: Die Farbe findet sich häufig in der Natur und erfreut uns in diesem Jahr auch auf Kleidung, Tasche und Co. (#radiant orchid #pantone)

I love this deep purple color. I have recently seen a deep rose pink, and a deep deep blue/purple color. I want them all.

Hydrangea arborescens 'Annabelle' This is a very hardy hydrangea that starts out green, turns white and then goes back to green. Cut it back to the ground in late fall for the largest flowers the next year. A keeper!

Yellow and Blue Hydrangea, I love these and have them planted everywhere.

Hydrangea bouquet by horticultural art on Flickr

Gatsby Moon Oakleaf Hydrangea + 20 more hydrangea varieties to add to your garden: