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  • Marci Epp

    Home made flubber! Fun!

  • Kathy Hutchins

    Flubber Recipe For Kids So Fun! We discovered Flubber at the kids' day event. The girls loved playing with it! Here's the recipe. Flubber Mixture 1: 1 ½ cups warm water 2 cups Elmer’s Glue Food coloring Mixture 2: 3 tsp. Borax 1 cup Warm Water Stir mixture 1 together in 1 bowl. Mixture 2 in another bowl. Make

  • Elisa

    Flubber Recipe for Kids Fun, fun

  • Debbie Dugorepec

    Flubber recipe - another fun rainy day activity!

  • Heidi Oquendo

    Homemade Gak (Slime) Mix: elmer's glue, water, borax and food coloring together and BAM, Gak!!

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Flubber...also looks like TheraPutty which is a great hand strengthener. Hide beads inside, have kids manipulate it and pull them out!

Flubber! I can't buy Borax where I am but I read that it is (sodium borate, sodium tetraborate, or disodium tetraborate) and maybe able to locate it online. Same thing with the Elmers glue, they say it just must be polyvinyl acetate based! That's what causes the reaction.

Homemade Flubber Recipe - It will keep your kids occupied for a long time! It has such a neat texture, you'll probably find yourself playing right along with them!

We recently tried this Flubber recipe with the kids at the "Science in the Park" event put on by Rhythms of Grace Homeschool Group.  We had so much fun coloring it and getting our hands all squishy...

Home-made flubber...I've got to try this with my grandchildren :)

Homemade Flubber ive found the recipe and here it is *thanks to*

An absent-minded professor discovers "flubber," a rubber-like super-bouncy substance...oh wait that was the Disney movie -this is the Flubber recipe... but watch the movie too!

Homemade flubber… You will need 1 1/2 cups warm water 2 cups white glue Food coloring 1 1/3 cups warm water 3 tsp Borax mixing bowls and spoon This could get messy –so be prepared

3 ingredient diy-gak-recipe- made it, kids are having lost of fun. its can be super sticky, so i added in some cornstarch to mellow out the crazy stickiness. worked pretty well.

Great recipe for Flubber. A childhood must!