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  • Christopher Qiu

    “Trace Heavens” is a series of gorgeous light installations by James Nizam. Creating stunning images by manipulating light James uses simple, intelligent methods to create these beautiful works of art. The picture to the right was created by drilling holes into the wall, and the daylight simply filters in to the darkened space creating the illusion of a 3D sphere.

  • Jude W.

    James Nizam ~ Drill Holes Through Studio Wall (from Trace Heavens), 2012 (light installation)

  • Scene 360

    Illusion: This post’s title is self-explanatory for the first image—it is part of a photo series entitled “Trace Heavens” by James Nizam. The majority of his works “were created in a darkened studio space where small mirrors were fastened to ball joints for easy pivoting, perfect for manipulating the light streaming through holes in the walls.” (Image © Nizam)

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James Nizam is showing (4 - 26 May, 2012) at Gallery Jones "Trace Heavens", an exhibition consisting in a photograph series about his very impressive geometric light sculptures made using directly the sunlight

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Noted, AVL: I want a room where fresh newspaper goes down on the floor on the first of each month, and the paint just flies. [Franklin Evans open studio]

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Gustav Klimt's studio

HangarBicocca in Milan, the ‘On Space Time Foam’ by Studio Tomas Saraceno is composed of a transparent surface accessible to visitors, hanging at a height of 20 metres and covering 400 square metres on three layers, for a total of 1,200 square metres. The large soft and floating film welcomes visitors who will thus find themselves moving mid-air between the floor and the ceiling, earth and sky, and it compels them to lose their spatial coordinates. Awesome but I would so freak out!

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James Turrell Museum's excellent exposition exploring interactions between light and space.