When our pet turtles do this we call it "Turtle Yoga". ;) This turtle is an exercise guru. Make a list of his/her best advice or instructions at the gym.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! What Now?


We had a little Whites Dumpy Tree Frog...his name was Smiley...because...well....like this little guy.......he smiled!!!! @Erika Hathaway and @Brianna Neill


Silly pandas. LOL!!!!

Here is a photo of a turtle being tickled with a tooth brush. You're welcome.

Funny kid caption to make your day! #AtDawnWeRideLOL Tap to see more funny picture captions! - funny baby kids pictures meme | @mobile9

Poor T-Rex!

Unfortunate mugshots shirts...

this would be maggie if our doggie doors were any smaller!

haha awww

i love baby seals!!

Just Bear Stuff...



I can relate

Sea Turtle Bracelet <3