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I Ve

Every Girl

Meant To Be

Not Ment To Be

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Some People

This is probably the biggest life lesson for most people whether refers to romantic relationships or friendships. Find your self worth and you will find yourself surrounded by those that matter most.

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Truth Hurts

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Stay True

True True

The truth.

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just have to remember this.. ...Click this image to browse lots more great #Quotes

Keep The Faith

Have Faith

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Learning To Be Alone

The Past Is The Past

Being Alone Is Better



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Forgive and transform you marriage.

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Thats so true

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Love who your heart wants

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Ain T


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So true

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Start Walking

True true true Stop standing, start walking.

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Good Advice

I can't pin this enough. Sucks to think you are always there for certain people..then when you need someone to be there for you..their not there. But your a mean person when you do the same back to them. Damned if you do..damned if you don't

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Don't be afraid of losing someone who doesn't feel lucky to have you. | Share Inspire Quotes - Inspiring Quotes | Love Quotes | Funny Quotes | Quotes about Life


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When She Doesnt Care Anymore

Don T Lose

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letting go/holding on

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Completely Amazing


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Always be thankful because sometimes, bad things in life open up your eyes to the good things you weren't paying attention to before.

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So true!