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A habit tracker is an amazingly simple tool that helps you make progress toward your goals. You can keep an eye on health, productivity, and a work/fun balance with ease. Here are 40 things to track in your habit tracker to get you started!

Daily Self Care Schedule

Make each day a day for Self Care. Use the Daily Self Care Schedule to reconnect with nurturing your self on a daily basis.

Circle of Life is a research based, national program that offers clients a tool kit that teaches one how to set and attain goals. Want to realize your full potential? Email for a free consult.

Helping your client improve their overall success and satisfaction in their life? Get your clients thinking about priorities, what really matters in their week ahead – and what could get in their way (including themselves!) with this coaching tool.

Essential Project Manager Tools. JAMSO is your goal setting, KPI management and Business Intelligence expert. Find out how we help improve your bottom line performance

Key factors for successfully achieving your goals. We know how hard it can be to run your own business and get started as a coach, so here are some awesome ready to go free coaching tools, exercises,

QC (Quality Control) tools are basic Statistical Process Control (SPC) tools. 7 QC tools help collect and analyze data, identify root causes, and measure results. These tools offer better visual aids and make quality control comprehensible. These magnificent seven tools are 1. Control Chart, 2. Flow Chart, 3. Check Sheet, 4. Pareto Chart, 5. Fishbone Diagram, 6. Histogram, and 7. Scatter Diagram. This infographic gives an overview of 7 QC tools that make statistical analysis less complex.

This product is for ANY CONTENT AREA and contains an end of semester reflection guide for students to reflect back on what they've learned and the new skills they've acquired during the first semester of your class. It contains 20 questions that guide students through reviewing their work from the first semester and setting goals for the new semester. This is a great tool to use before/after the holiday break between semesters, and it will help students take ownership of their learning.

IEP Goal Data Tracking and Self-Reflection Kit for Special Education

Do your students have any participation in tracking their IEP data? If not, this kit will help you implement a data-tracking binder system for your student to begin tracking their own IEP goals data. I included graphs, worksheets, and more that are differentiated to a variety of learners. Not only that, there are tools to help students reflect on their learning when tracking data and during class time.