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8 Exercises to a Round and Lifted Butt

There are a number of ways weight loss can benefit the health of your heart. First and probably foremost, it lowers your BMI (body mass index). You can calculate your BMI by taking your weight in pounds and dividing it by your height in inches squared....

Ran 3.5 miles this morning and I dunno what it was but dayuuuuum I was hanging. So tired! And maybe it's the humidity I was sweating like a mofo. Anyways anyone tried these? Booty work! Hold ur baby while u do it for the extra weight if ya want😉 I got away with doing 2 rounds without him, as for the 3rd round ....😓ha. 3 ROUNDS || 10 REPS each leg Keep core contracted for stability (belly button to spine) and push into the ground through the heel :)

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