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Why I always have big hair... It goes back a few generations. ;)

I'm southern. I love big hair & eye liner. Only thing I'd change would be big hair and mascara!

Couldn't have said it better myself!

Country Songs: My kind of Party is sitting on the Florida-Georgia Line, getting Drunk on You, sipping from a Red Solo Cup filled with Apple Pie Moonshine with people who like to Kick it in the Sticks.

Yes, I am from the South. No......we do not act like 'Honey Boo-Boo' child!

Yes, I am from the South.we do not act like 'Honey Boo-Boo' child! Why did they give that child her own TV show?

Storms a comin'

Funny pictures about Southerner's reaction to snow. Oh, and cool pics about Southerner's reaction to snow. Also, Southerner's reaction to snow.

Grits Girls Raised in the South Graphics | This image is from

Translation Tuesday: Grits

This made me laugh.  I do not feel like my genes deserve to make it to the next generation more than any of my friends.  But I really was surprised when the 1 in 6 was me.

A friend will be the designated driver. A best friend will hold your hair while you vomit on your ex's car. Happy B-day Bestie!

Good old Southern talk.

Southern sayings.Still use this today after, even after 7 years of higher education (all in the South) //Didn't know that was Southern, I use to say that, actually like the word .