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  • lindsey :3

    Preparing for Sea of Monsters by looking at some pictures, when I see this in the quote section of the character highlights, "A half-blood of the eldest gods, shall reach TWENTY against all odds."! WHAT THE HADES?! NO! ARGH!

  • Jo

    Percy Jackson Movie Prize Pack #Giveaway

  • Amanda Rauch

    visa gift card and percy jackson book

  • Amber Kawakami Wasmer

    I want to murder anyone who reports this an. Doesn't bother to point out how wrong it is. This came out on my 18th birthday. So, naturally, I went and saw it. Worst birthday ever. I wanted to walk out of that theater. I didn't though. I watched in pain. Never forget the day the Percy Jackson fandom died more inside. |--| how much I died after the first |-------| second. |---------------| when I found out they were making another!! (Not to scale)

  • Taylor Plorin

    Logan Lerman

  • Blueray

    Percy Jackson: The Sea of Monsters (2013) - Sea of Monsters Compendium. #PercyJackson... #Movies #SeaOfMonsters ::)

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The original covers :') don't get me wrong, the new ones are absolutely fantastic, but the old ones bring me back to the third grade when I first picked up the lightning thief and started reading.

Why Annabeth is a great role model for young girls. She's wise, bad-ass and doesn't but her boyfriend/relationship before more important things.-katie

#percyjday Oct 8 fandom unite and on that day draw a trident on ur arm 4 Percy Jackson JUST DEAL WITH IT (AND DO IT!)