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I want to sing with you someday. I dreamt about it, we'll never know maybe it'll happen. ♥ #BradSimpson

Brad with a puppy on The Paul O'Grady Show ♥ I think that puppy totally fell in love with Brad and doesn't wanna let go...awwww

James McVey // The Vamps

Brads reaction at how many fans The Vamps have!>>> honey, that ain't even all of us.

Brad ♥ You thinking about me, Brad? Cuz I know you are lol. Yeah right. I'm so stupid sometimes lol

Woooowwww someone hold me liie seriously I cant breathe im hyperventilating

The Vamps (Matty Chuah Vamps Band) op Twitter

Brad and Harry kill me with these boots ugh but their still perfect (brad and Harry not the boots)

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