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Invitation to Explore! Using the same flowers from earlier in the week, friends used tools to dissect and explore the flowers. Using tweezers, scissors, markers, magnify glass, and rulers, children took the flower apart to look at it's insides.

An Invitation to Draw! Using real flowers as the guiding principle, children were given a variety different art materials to recreate the flowers.

Heart Cookie Cutter Tracing Provocation: Using heart cookie cutters, friends traced the inside of the cookie cutters to build on their fine motor skills. This then led to them wanting to make cards for one another!

Not only did we discuss caring for friends and family, friends also wanted to care for our outdoor friends after reading A Mother for Choco. Friends made heart shaped bird feeders using bird seeds, Knox, and heart shaped cookie cutters.

We {heart} our Pre-K Counts friends! Using old recycled mayo jars, photo of the children were showed off for everyone to see! Of course, red was our color of study!

Friends by Eric Carle was our book going along with the topic of friendship, kindness, and love. During group time, friends had the chance to voice what they enjoy doing with their friends!

After donating mittens, friends wrote special messages on a heart to then bag the mittens they had brought in. The mittens were then taken over to the children in the SHINE program!

Before reading about electricity, friends were asked what they knew about electricity and their answers were recorded on a KWLE chart.

Friends had the opportunity to make special cards expressing their love towards Dr. Bieber, president of Lehigh Carbon Community College. Making the cards then turned into them marching over to her office and delivering the cards personally. What a surprise!