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  • Val Wenner

    Chris Kyle (1974-2013) The deadliest sniper in US military history, and a Navy Seal, was born in Odessa. He was killed at a North Texas gun range. He wrote the book, American Sniper.

  • Jennifer Mize

    R.I.P .... Texas has lost a true American hero, you will be missed. Chief Petty Officer Chris Kyle is a former United States Navy SEAL, who with 255 kills, 160 of them officially confirmed by the Pentagon, is the deadliest marksman in United States military history.

  • Jamie

    It should be a pretty well-established fact by now that if you go out and do something that threatens American lives, Navy SEALs will literally fall out of the sky and kill you in your sleep. Chris Kyle is one of the men who made sure that happened. He's recently-retired SEAL who also happens to have the most confirmed sniper kills of any person in American history.

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