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The right accessory really can make the look. #WomensFashion


All beings like to snuggle.

Mouse | Found in @GuessQuest collection


Teddy bears.


Tiny Baby Mouse

What a great post! We just absolutely love animals. Whether it's a dog, cat, bird, horse, fish, or anything else, animals are awesome! Don't you agree? -- courtesy of www.canoodlepets.com

Mouse deer - smallest hooved animals in the world - how can this be real!?!

<3 Rats

Not a creature was stirring, no even a..........

This mouse who can clearly read ...!!!... was sent to me as a gift from Brittany Greenholtz. Thank you SO much for this uber sweetness!

I love rats.

Benji, the Hamster, Snuggling With his Teddy Bear!

Baby mouse

teddy bear hamster | Teddy Bear Hamsters are animals that originate from the rodent family ...

Pet rat...

To celebrate World Rat Day, we've decided to show you that pet rats can be the cutest animals ever. Just look at that rat snuggling the tiny teddy bear!

Does the teddy bear look slightly terrified? Or is it just me? :-) But that puppy is dang cute!!!!