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Disclaimers: I am a man but I am not anti-male. I am, however, 100% all circumstances. I am 100% pro-consent. Please do not consider this thread to be anti-male. This thread is only anti-rape. The following is only my opinion. I could be wrong. Do not substitute my judgment for your own. I welcome disagreement/debate and comment. Thank you. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ First of al

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Social anxiety problems. This me constantly..and it sucks because when I do, do this people think im rude or not interested in accompanying them...

Sad, but so true. As a Christian we battle often with this. For we are to show love. Not distaste

What great ideas! I'm not good at journaling because I get overwhelmed by blank paper - these suggestions would definitely help with that!!

im so angry right now im shaking. how dare he? after everything louis has done for him

Guys im so stressed right now cuz me and my friend started a band called starship and we were gonna sing worth it or cheap thrills by 5th harmony then 3 other people came in and changed it to titanium then 5 other people came and changed it behind my back and now someone thinks there the boss and they changed it to a dancing group playing cheerleader i never even got to share my ideas do u guys think i should ditch em or not (comment)