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With Halloween almost here the kids will love this cute monsters coloring page. Great for parents, grandparents and teachers to use to help entertain children.

DIY crafts for kids – miniature weaving. My class did this in art and it was really easy!

Miniature Weaving using embroidery thread, needles and a piece of cardstock - ". using a traditional weaving technique on a miniature scale, you can make tiny little weavings perfect for jewelery projects." or coasters.

Painted Rock Art Ideas

Awesome DIY Rock Painting Ideas : 45+ Best Inspirations

Handpainted Moon phase Stone curios or paperweight. Natural smooth river rock found at a State Park, and painted in rose colors with black tree.

Quiet Book/Children's Quiet Book/ Busy Book por WeriBeauties

Quiet Book/Children& Quiet Book/ Busy Book, Activity, Montessori, Fabric Book Quiet Book/Children's Quiet Book/ Busy Book por WeriBeauties Need fantastic suggestions regarding arts and crafts? Head out to my amazing info!

So crazy enough I saw these at BB&B this past weekend and I said these would look great in my future aqua bathroom. And then they come up in my aqua bathroom search on Pinterest! Meant to be? I THINK SO!

Want these for my new and improved living room! Dandelion Wood Plaques - Bed Bath & Beyond


A big developing toy (set of tablets) /Quiet Book, Busy Book, Eco friendly, educational - 24 pages year) Made to Order A big developing toy set of tablets /Quiet Book by MiniMoms