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Archaeopteryx Berlin specimen is considered the most famous fossil in the world. It is about 150 Ma & was discovered in limestone deposits in Eichstaett, Bavaria. Archaeopteryx has bird flight feathers, but also has reptile features such as a tail bone & claws on the wing bones

Perfect fossil could be most complete dinosaur ever found Dinosaur fossils don't come much more impressive than this. With 98 per cent of its skeleton preserved, this young predatory theropod from Kehlheim in southern Germany, near Regensburg, may be the most complete dinosaur ever found.

The Archelon is the largest sea turtle species ever discovered. It lived during a time when most of North America was covered by a shallow ocean, about 75-65 million years ago.

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Seahorse Replica Fossil Rock Garden Statue

Seahorse Fossil Rock Manufacture: Land and Sea Size: 5"L x 3"H X 1" W Material: resin Fossil Rock is build strong and sturdy so that it can be used both indoors and outdoors. Decorate your garden with

Zhenyuanlong Suni, a new dinosaur fossil found in China was unveiled on Thursday. It is the largest winged fossil ever found. The winged animal was described by a paleontologist as a "fluffy feathered poodle from hell."