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  • Lauren S. Enders, MA, CCC-SLP

    House of Learning ($6.99) We encourage parents and teachers to use the “House of Learning” as an activity that can promote immense learning opportunities when using the correct techniques. Guided house set up: Guide your child along the game with one, two, three or more step commands. Such as “Get the ball”, “Get the ball and place it on top of the bed”, “Get the ball, place it on the bed and move the girl close to it.”

  • Maxine Shafer

    House of Learning app

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Preposition Remix ($9.99)provides practice with 20 of English most commons propositions. Users are able to adjust the number of prepositions played with on a session; adjust the type of feedback provided to the student, and whether or not to provide with additional cues such as a second audio production or written cues on the screen.

App for ELLs always have trouble with this, even the advanced kiddos

Speech Soundboard ($0.99) The only iOS 7 native Text to Speech Soundboard on the app store! It's very simple: 1. Create buttons with your custom text. 2. Press the buttons to hear your device speak your text. Speech Soundboard uses the built-in VoiceOver text-to-speech engine in iOS 7 to deliver top-quality speech.

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More Sundaes! ($0.99) Another Maverick Software app with TONS of language possibilities!! Following directions, sequencing, describing, etc.

Preposition Pets- have fun learning positions in space while playing a matching game!

Tap Me Happy ($1.99) Great for Kids with: * Autism * Intellectual Disability * Learning Difficulties Users add whatever makes them happy, within each of 4 categories: •Photos •Videos •Audio •Text Features: •Press the Tap Me Happy button for a random happy entry to display •Watch a slideshow of entries within a category •Add photos and videos directly to the app, or choose from the camera library •Add audio messages and text directly to the app.

PCS™ Memory Apps ($0.99) app free with 4 memory boards, but each vocabulary set must be purchased for 0.99.

BusyBaby ($1.99) Smiley: Rattle: Letter Safari: Sing Along:

Preposition Builder is designed to help elementary aged children learn the correct use of prepositions and learn how prepositions can change the meaning of a sentence.

SymbolSupport ($59.99) Add symbols & speech to text. Read docs w/ a high quality text-to-speech voice while text is highlighted word by word. This app is intended to help learners with an intellectual disability or autism access important information like class assignments, step-by-step instructions, and social stories. Documents created can be read with the free SymbolSupport Viewer app. Connect with 15 devices simultaneously via Wi-Fi.. Email symbolized documents as images or PDFs.