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"Cartoon nails! For those who missed this one! #HeyArnold #nails @so_nailicious ;) one od my favorite cartoons as a child!" Photo taken by @andreitus_nails on Instagram, pinned via the InstaPin iOS App! (05/03/2013)

Water Drop Technic A new technique I learned recently ... Not sure what its called but I call it the water drop technique ..mix a lil paint with a larger amount of water then place drops on your nails ,let dry just long enough for the edge to dry then with a dry brush or a q-tip place it in the center of the water to absorb the excess amount and you should be left with a bubble like effect

This nautical themed bracelet connects two contrasting ropes with a Gordian knot, the symbol of friendship. They're also designed by the son of the official jeweler to the Egyptian royal court of King Farouk.