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School for S.. (1969) Pete Walker

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Cola, Candy, Chocolate [Germany] [1979]

Les galettes de Pont-Aven AKA Cookies (1975) Joël Séria

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Behind Convent Walls AKA Interno di un convento(1978) Walerian Borowczyk

Twins of Evil (1971) John Hough

Hostess in Heat (1972) Erwin C. Dietrich

Jesus Franco Botas negras, látigo de cuero (1983)

College Girls (1968) Stephen C. Apostolof

I Am Frigid...Why? (1973) Max Pécas

Maid in Sweden (1971)

Anita Swedish Nymphet (1973)

Tendres Cousines AKA Cousins In Love (1980) David Hamilton

Extra Action (2007) Richard Kern

umpin at the Bedside AKA Hopla på sengekanten (1976)

The Porn Brokers (1973)

Midnight Party AKA Lady Porno (1976)

Kemal Horulu Lustful Feelings (1977)

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dontdeliverusposter Joel Seria Mais ne nous delivrez pas du mal AKA: Dont Deliver Us from Evil (1970)