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assassinating a system!  never put harsh chemicals down your drain.  septic systems rely on living microbes to break down what you don't want backing up into your property! Water Effect, Septic System, Wastewater, Septic Tank, Microbes, Aerobics, Chlorine, Drain, Chemicals

Guide to chlorine in septic tanks & aerobic septic chlorine

Effects of chlorine disinfectants on septic systems, wastewater & drainfields or soakbeds: What concentration of chlorine will kill septic bacteria? How does chlorine get into a private septic system? Is it a problem? When are chlorine or other disinfectants needed for aerobic or other septic systems? Will septic tank chlorine damage the septic tank or leach fields? This article series explains how to extend the life of the septic system by being careful about what goes into it., Sources of…