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Jill tells Billy that she feels that Travis is somehow lying to Victoria.

Billy lets Jill know that he's told Victoria about Travis....but that it didn't go over well.

While at home, Victoria tries to check on the security internet project; Billy comes over and closes her laptop and tells Victoria that she won't have to deal with work until tomorrow.

Victor tells Victoria that he wants to see her more often; he suggest that she and Travis should join Nikki and him for dinner sometime.

Billy and Victoria look at each other and know they have their work cut out for them. Jill announced that they've got to quit playing around and beat Jack at his own game!

'The Young and the Restless' Spoilers: Judge Quiets Rowdy Dylan, Nick Faceoff – Travis Admits Cheating To Victoria 11-30-16

Phyllis says she doesn't want to hurt Jack; Billy tells her that they already have.

Ashley's surprised to learn that Billy knows Michelle is somehow connected to Travis.

Victoria sees that Travis has been drinking and she calls a car service to pick him up and take him 'anywhere' to sober up. She tells him she doesn't want him in the house near the kids in his current condition.