It must be love

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It's Glamorous

there's nothing like being kissed in the rain

Kissing in the rain love cute kiss rain outdoors couple

Kissing in the pouring rain

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Dance in the rain

NYC taxi- cab kiss

colors, love....

Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele kiss <3 You. Are. Mine. Always and forever / Fifty Shades of Grey

- goodnight kiss. . Perfectly Polka-Dotted / crystal franks photography

If we all took this advice the world would be a happier place. Enjoy Life ! Don't let it pass you by.

.Kissing in the rain.

kissing in the rain

window shot can be a bit voyueristic but can be super romantic when done right. This one is a great example of a couple in the moment

kisses in the rain

Alex and Sierra. Just discovered them and now they are my current favorite music! Can't wait for their album to come out.